Interest Only Home Loans

The Benefits of Interest Only Home Loans

  • Interest Only Loan Enable You To Make Lower Monthly Payment
  • Free Up Money Every Month To Pay Bills or Invest
  • Make Home Improvements With The Money You Save Every Month

Interest Only Mortgages

Over the past few years nterest only home loan have become very popular with homeowners. Because, an interest only mortgage is one that gives you the option of paying just the interest or the interest and as much principal as you want in any given month.

This means that you can make a smaller payment, leaving you able to spend the money you save as you see fit. Interest only loans are an important tool in the mortgage world. Interest only mortgage rates enable homeowners to have a choice in how much or how little they pay every month.

When to choose the interest only mortgage:

  • When you need lower monthly payments
  • If you plan to keep your loan ten years or less, or if you are uncertain how long you will keep your loan
  • If you want the security of a fixed rate but don’t want to miss out on a payment that is lower

Use the money you save to:

  • Take cash out to pay off high-interest debt such as credit cards
  • Invest for your retirement
  • Make home improvements
  • Save for your children’s college fund

We offer a variety of interest only home loan options, including 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages. Our interest only mortgage and home loan programs are offered as interest only loans for periods of either three, five, seven or ten years.

Who Is an Interest Only Mortgage or Home Loan For?

There are a number of good reasons to consider interest only loans when you are refinancing your current mortgage or purchasing a new home. On a traditional 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, roughly 70% of the payment goes toward interest during the first six or seven years of the loan. If your interest rate is low, then you’ve borrowed money at a good rate. This means the length of time you plan on spending in your home is a key consideration when deciding if interest only loan is right for you. Obviously interest only mortgage rates are more desirable.

If you are a more sophisticated borrower then, you can use the money you save with an interest only mortgage. You can take the extra money you would have each month from making interest only payments and invest it in something that would bring you a higher rate of return. Depending on your loan amount, this could mean you would have thousands of dollars at your disposal that would otherwise be going towards your principal. You have the ability to make your money work harder for you.