MNC Newsletter February 2017

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Mortgage News - 11:00 am

The Major Fannie Mae 2017 Mortgage Changes You Need to Know

Big things are happening with mortgage changes this year. And, it's the kind of stuff you need to know about. Late last year and into early 2017, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac switched things up with their processes. Why are these organization's changes a big deal? They both back about half of all mortgages in the US--that's why. With all these alterations within the mortgage industry happening over the last three months into the New Year, there are 6 major points you should be updated on. Check out the major changes below, if you want to stay in the know.
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Mortgage News - 10:00 am

How following mortgage trends can help you lock in the best mortgage rate

Investing in a commercial loan or a residential mortgage loan is a big step. It’s one of the defining moments of your life. When we talk about obtaining loans, it goes without saying that you are most likely be paying mortgages for several years to come....
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Mortgage News - 9:00 am

How the Stock Market Affects Mortgage Rates and Purchase Trends

Primarily it’s the inflation expectations that influence mortgage rates and the direction in which they move. In addition to that, stock market conditions too have huge impact on the mortgage rates and purchase trends.
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Mortgage News - 8:00 am

With Home Prices On The Rise, Now Is The Time To Lock In Your Rate

A New Jersey VA Loan Specialist will be able to help you research current interest rates. You want to be proactive in locking in rates, as housing prices affect them. When home prices rise, you will see interest rates go up as well.
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Mortgage News - 7:00 am

28th Annual Philadelphia 100 Honors Anthony Piccone of 7th Level Mortgage, LLC

(Cherry Hill, New Jersey)– Entrepreneurial recognition program the Philadelphia 100 recently released its 2016 list of top 100 fastest growing small businesses in the region.
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