Do I Qualify for a HARP Loan?

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Owning a home is a part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, hard economic times have plagued a large portion of the U.S., making it difficult for citizens to keep their homes. To help millions of people afford to stay in … Read More

MNC Newsletter March 2017

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FRIDAY MARCH 31, 2017 Mortgage News – 11:00 amEverything You Need to Know About the Moody’s Settlement and Subprime Mortgages TodayLife, in all of its unpredictability, does its best to make sure that we all fall on hard times. Some … Read More

What is a loan modification?

A modification to an existing loan made by a lender in response to a borrower’s long-term inability to repay the loan.  Loan Modifications typically involve a reduction in the interest rate on the loan, an extension of the length of the term of the loan, a different type … Read More

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